Balneo fish
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Energizing or relaxing jacuzzi sessions

All the jacuzzi bathtubs allows you to enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy from your bathroom. Thanks to its numerous hydromassage nozzles, the whirlpool baths offer comfort and well-being to the user.

Recommended for people with back or joint problems, hydromassage, by its diffusions of air and water jets, tones and relaxes.
The benefits of balneotherapy depend on the nozzles and their technology. The spa sessions are energizing or relaxing.

Balneotherapy: energizing session

Stimulating because it stimulates blood circulation. Toning since it eliminates toxins by promoting the action of the sweat glands. Invigorating because it relieves any joint or muscle trauma.

Balneotherapy: relaxation session

Soothing by the temperature of the water and the feeling of well-being. Relaxing thanks to the effect of hydromassage on the whole body and muscles. De-stressing because the air / water mixture relaxes the nervous system.

In addition to the soothing sensation and its energizing role, the effects of balneotherapy are numerous: relieves headaches and asthma, relieves neck and back pain, dilates pores and softens tissues, drains and helps eliminate cellulite etc ... Balneotherapy uses fresh water to massage the entire body using water and / or air jets. The type of massage obtained varies from one spa bath to another, depending on its system: air, water / air or mixed.

Gentle and relaxing massage: The air system

Perfect if you are looking for a gentle and relaxing massage. This system embellished with a blower or "Blower" provides a feeling of relaxation and soothes various ailments (osteoarthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, etc.) thanks to air bubbles that propagate in the bathtub. These air bubbles are formed using a blower which then diffuses the air into the water via nozzles positioned at the bottom of the tub. With this balneotherapy, you will quickly fall into the arms of Morphée!

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