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The great wonders of water treatment

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for soothing an aching body or speeding the recovery of other muscular ailments. It combines water with air and heat to promote wellbeing. There is a long history of using water treatment, or hydrotherapy for health issues such as muscular conditions and rheumatic diseases. Furthermore, taking time to look after ourselves with a hot bath further improves our mental-physical state. In reality, having a bath in hot water is one of the oldest habits adopted by Man to relax and regain mental and physical wellbeing. However, in order to prove “useful”, the immersion must follow a few general principles, even if there are a few possible variations in the modalities of application that is duration, temperature, etc. The type of water utilized (spring or not) and the way in which it is administered. A true technique exists, called balneotherapy, offering considerable possibilities including hydromassage, which is massage effected by jets of water emitted at certain pressures.


It is the art of taking care of you. There is no one moment during the day which is better than another, the important thing is to choose the right one, when you are more willing to leave the world behind and remain in silence with yourself in a jacuzzi. Run the water, regulate the temperature at around 36°C-37°C and plunge yourselves into a dimension of absolute peace. The feeling is bliss, the fatigue flows away, the body abandons itself to relaxation, and the mind empties to leave space for emotions.

Turkish bath

The best time to have a Turkish bath is in the evening before dinner or at any rate on an empty stomach after a warm shower, even if there are no time contraindications for this treatment. It is possible to repeat two or three times a week. As previously described, the main organ involved is the skin, with dilatation of the pores and sweating. This condition leads to a deep skin cleaning, removing all those accumulated substances which are considered toxic.

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